Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #19:
June 19, 2008

THIS WEEK - Shrinks, Oaths, and Stupid Editing at The NY Times

Joined by regular pinch-hitter Chappy, the Herd follows up on last weeks' Evolutionary Psychology conversation by discussing psychology of the non-evolutionary kind. We wonder: Is psychoanalysis somewhat "faith-based"? Why isn't god-belief considered delusional? Or would atheism be seen as a problem requiring therapy? (0:00)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) wants to take on the government in an attempt to preclude it from essentially forcing new citizens to swear "so help me god". Wouldn't a freethinking new American be loath to complain about that oath as part of the ceremony? Some of us think we need to concentrate on removing god from ALL public affirmations. (17:26)

The Herd agrees: Let's do away with government oaths to god. But how do we accomplish that? Evo has a faith-based all-encompassing solution! Chappy argues — one step at a time! But this is all about Evo's reality. We swear! (34:12)

Late-breaking news: If Obama is elected, he'll be America's first black President! Is that too obvious for us to mention? Well, you may be right. After all, we're not The New York Times? Ex offers another goddamned puzzle: Can Venjanz keep his perfect record going? (46:58)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #18:
June 12, 2008

THIS WEEK - Evolutionary Psychology (Maybe), You Wanna Bet?, and Killing Peter Rabbit ... plus Another Goddamned Puzzle

Man: the questioning animal. Is there a psychologist in the house? No? Good. It's safe for the Herd to weigh in on evolutionary psychology. While none of us know much about the field, it doesn't stop us from discussing it and its relationship to gods and woo. Who’s flawed, wooists or those who use reason? Or are neither flawed? Is there a specific "god gene"? (0:00)

More on evolutionary psychology. OG is presented with a nightmare "desert island scenario," and turns down the opportunity of a lifetime. Is there an evolutionary advantage to reason? How about woo? (15:43)

Pascal's wager, and woo, and god. If you accept the bet without really believing — is that good enough for god? We try to figure out: How in the hell do we get in to heaven? Seriously, though, do some Christians make believe that they've made themselves believe?

The new atheist video game - murder Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed. Is that any fun? Remember: We have several hardcore gamers in our ranks. Results of Another Goddamned Puzzle from Podcast 16, and a new challenge. Can Venjanz do it again? (49:21)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #17:
June 5, 2008

THIS WEEK - Theists & Science, Churches & Charities ... and a Lost "Sole"

Evo has a question: Do theists, particularly those on Boards of Education, knowingly use their influence to undermine the teaching of ALL science, not just evolutionary biology? Do they consciously or unconsciously work against the development of a scientific worldview because they realize that it has a tendency to lead to religious decay? Philly thinks Evo may be lost in Conspiracy Land. Others in the Herd support the idea, minus any conspiracy. (0:00)

OG tells us about anti-intellectualism in religious schools. Ex relates a different educational experience. Philly thinks there's so much to teach, so little time. What’s your take? (14:51)

Big surprise! Our federal tax money is being given to churches for charitable work. The Herd, predictably, is pretty united against this, and we spell out why. What really pisses all of us off -- not just Ex -- is that the White House encourages churches to “game the system”. (31:31)

But the Herd, being what it is, can't agree for long. Is it possible that churches actually do use federal funding for charitable work? Some of us say no; others of us think that's an unsupported position. (48:50)

Join a prayer circle and save a woman’s deteriorating family from an ATHEIST ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!! (1:03:47)

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #16:
May 29, 2008

THIS WEEK - Evangelicals for Israel, the Rapture, and a Big Ape

Pastor John Hagee and his ilk – why would the State of Israel in general, or Jews specifically, think this blowhard is their friend? We look at the many things he (and other fundamentalist Christians) do and say. They're repulsive, right? So is gaining their financial and moral support worthwhile for Israelis when it means having to stomach their hateful rhetoric. Can the meddling of the American evangelicals cause bad things to happen in the Middle East? Our biblical authority, OG, shows us how the “end times” crowd has the scriptures wrong. (0:00)

What is the “rapture” all about and who thought it up? Does the human brain have the ability to justify bogus "truths" in religion -- and in politics? How can a leader strongly influence beliefs in others, even without the ability to back his claims up intellectually? In this regard, we compare our current political players to religious leaders. No surprise: The Herd gets pissed off again. (32:05)

Ex tells a story about sticking his foot into his atheistic mouth at a party. Now that he finds himself back among friends, he asks: Can an intelligent person be religious? Philly wonders which came first, the religious chicken or the stupid egg? How do people who had the misfortune of being born into a highly charged religious environment fit into this picture? Evo hypothesizes that compartmentalizing may be a factor in the religiousness/dumbth phenomenon. Ex disagrees. Philly can't take his eyes off the 1,000 lb. gorilla sitting in the corner. (30:24)

Evo rethinks his hypothesis about compartmentalization and re-defines what he means by it. SI kicks in with what the Herd agrees to be a nice analogy. We review the interesting results of our latest “scientific” poll. Ex unveils a new feature of Another Goddamned Podcast. Have fun – win prizes (sort of). (48:14)

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