Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #5:
February 27, 2008

THIS WEEK – Fuck, Charles Barkley, and Immunity for Missouri Pharmacies. Plus – What Person Could History Have Done Without?

FUCK! Shocked? Offended? You’re probably not an atheist. The Herd’s hypothesis: If you’re a freethinker, “fuck,” “shit,” “cunt,” and all those other four-letter goodies are less likely to affect you than to rile up all those other assholes out there. (0:00)

Fake Christians. That’s how Sir Charles Barkley referred to hypocrites who claim the love of Jesus but can’t seem to extend it to homosexuals and women seeking an abortion. Is Barkley “governor material”? Despite a ban on political talk this week, a debate on the qualifications for political office breaks out. The Herd wonders if Ex is on acid, as he serenades them. And Babs gets a message ... from God. (25:55)

Uh-oh. Here comes Missouri House Bill 1625, exempting pharmacies from legal responsibility if they choose not to fulfill legitimate prescriptions for RU486 and Plan B. Can it be proven that this bill is based on religious belief? We think so but, unfortunately, we’re not on the Supreme Court. (46:00)

The Herd name their least favorite historical characters. We want to hear from you on this. Do you agree with our picks, or do you have a better one? (1:08:00)

Opening Music [00:00]: excerpt from "Another Goddamned Draft"
Bridge Music [14:55]: excerpt from "Disco is Not Dead"
Bridge Music [29:30]: excerpt from "Heathen Boogie"
Bridge Music [46:55]: excerpt from "The Atheist's Hymn"
Bridge Music [1:06:55]: excerpt from "Swing to the Left"
Closing Music [57:20]: excerpt from "As Jazzy As I Get"
(All music: copyright 2008 by Rachel Murie)

Historical Figures
George W. Bush
Emperor Constantine I
Jerry Falwell
Saul of Tarsus
The Inventor of Religion


PhillyChief said...

Rather than offing these people, I'd rather give them nudges like Saul. Treat him for his epilepsy and he never has that damn "vision" which sets the rest in motion. Hitler? If someone had bought some of his paintings then he most likely would have disappeared into obscurity as some crappy painter with a silly mustache.

Anna Lemma said...

Love the podcast.I spent an entertaining day listening to all of your episodes while cranking out Java code at work.

The Exterminator said...


Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for adding us to your list of favorite podcasts.

We're flattered that we kept you entertained all day. We'd consider our work a complete success, though, if somehow the word "fuck" slipped into your Java code by accident.

Venjanz said...

That was entertaining, y’all get better every week.

Personally, my favorite curse word is “Motherfucker.” I don’t use “cunt” mostly because I’m not British. I am not a big fan of “shit,” unless I am trying to make a point or have been drinking or I’m making fun of somebody.

Generally I try not to use curse words in my speech because, and I’m sorry say, people that cuss all the time are usually poorly educated, “low-class,” and behave in ways that I personally would consider immoral. I usually can’t help myself though, especially when I’m worked up about something.

Consider this, for example:

“I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,”
“Man, fuck you. I didn’t run up in that bitch, you shit-eatin’, cum-guzzelin’ muthafucka,”

William Jefferson Clinton

Very often at work, I will go outside to have a non-PC cigarette, and I will see a new female employee that I think is attractive. I sidle over to get a better look and to listen in on what she is talking about, and will hear things like:

“I’m fucking not fucking kidding about that fucking shit, that asshole really said that fucking shit,”


“I told that asshole I wanted a fucking monotonous relationship and shit,” Girl One said.
“What’s a fucking ‘monotonous’ relationship?” Girl Two asked.
“That’s where I don’t fuck no body else and he don’t fuck no body else,” Girl One said as she looked at me with a puzzled expression as I was doubled over laughing.

Indecently, “Girl One” got beat up for the umpteenth time by her long-time boyfriend while she was seven-months pregnant, and finally decided to leave him. Within a week, she had a new boyfriend that she is moving in with after she gets out of the hospital.

Cursing is an art, and it takes a lot of practice. And like a sword, if you use it too much, the edge will become dull. That’s all I’m saying.


The Exterminator said...


Thanks for being a regular listener. As a reward, we'll try to throw a "motherfucker" or two into the discussion especially for you.

I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,
Of course, if Clinton had been forthright and said, "I didn't fuck that woman, Miss Lewinsky," he would have been telling the truth. Then maybe he could have gone after bin Laden in Afghanistan without the populace thinking that he was just trying to change the fucking subject.

People that cuss all the time are usually poorly educated, “low-class,” and behave in ways that I personally would consider immoral."
It turns out that that's not the case. Using four-letter words is common among the highly educated upper classes and the barely educated lower classes. It's the middle class prigs with mid-level educations who think that "spicy" language is boorish.

Cursing is an art, and it takes a lot of practice.
Yeah, we keep telling ourselves that. It's bullshit, but it sounds good. Invective is an art; cursing is easy enough for an inarticulate teenager to do effectively. That's why we at AGP are so good at it.

PhillyChief said...

Cursing is an art, and it takes a lot of practice. And like a sword, if you use it too much, the edge will become dull. That’s all I’m saying.

So if an art, you have to practice often to achieve mastery yet frequent employment of this art causes it to degenerate. Quite a catch-22. What's one to motherfucking do?

Venjanz said...

Naw Philly, what I'm saying is that if you pound the edge against a stone, your blade will become dull, but if you scrape the edge at the right angle, your blade will become sharper, you feather-headed, sepia-toned muthafucka.

Ex, I think we have a misunderstanding here, and that's my fault for not making my remarks clearer, but hey, it's good like that and not important. Asshole.

The Exterminator said...

Philly gets "feather-headed, sepia-toned mothafucka" and I only get the unimaginative "Asshole"? I've got feathers, too, you unobservant fuckwad.

I'm really insulted.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to this party, but I'll throw in some stuff as I listen. The two words that bother me sometimes are "bitch" and "cunt," but my discomfort depends on the contexts in which the words are used. If they are being used to demean women, then, yeah, they make really fucking angry. Other usages of those words don't bother me anymore than other "swear" words.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say this a couple of weeks ago: I love the music, Babs. What instruments, software, etc., are you using?

Anonymous said...

The Missouri House Bill 1625 is ludicrous. Your discussion was great.

yinyang said...

"Yinyang has already left us two [suggestions], both of which we will definitely be using in future podcasts. I assume she'll leave us a third this week, because she's been very, very, very good about a new one every week."

Was that a subtle jab at me? Are you disappointed that I haven't left a comment on your last podcast?

Well, to make it up to you, I have two suggestions for a future topic (which I think are wonderful, but you are of course free to reject).

The first one comes from a post over at Friendly Atheist. The story itself isn't really that important, but the comment is something that I take issue with. The commenter said, among other things:

"I was just wondering if speaking out and complaining about your rights being violated every time a song is sung and/or the Pledge of Allegiance is said is all that effective in changing the majority."

Maybe you could include this in your discussion with my original topic suggestion (the atheist cause one). I don't know.

In a way, it kind of cuts to the heart of your podcast, though, so I thought it might be good. Like, why’d you guys want to do this whole podcast thing in the first place? What good does it do for y’all to sit around and talk, and for us to listen? Shouldn't we spend more of our time out doing things - rather than sitting around blogging and podcasting - if we really wanted to change things?


And, as a more frivolous topic, who’s your favorite atheist/skeptic comedian, and why? Or, if you'd rather just talk about your favorite comedians regardless of their religion, that's cool, too. (I'm amazed someone else hasn't suggested this one yet.)

EnoNomi said...

I just had to pause the player to comment about your discussion on The Missouri House Bill 1625. What is to stop religious rasist pharmisists from only keeping birthcontrol from the white customers, because they want to encourage the decrease in the minority population of their town. Extrememe idea I know, but it is possible.

And now back to the fucking podcast.