Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #4:
February 21, 2008

THIS WEEK – Irrational Atheists?, Proselytizing for Reason, and Arguing with Theists ... plus Another Goddamned Poll

Ex thinks some atheists sound irrational when discussing politics. Are we more likely to give so-called liberals an unearned pass on providing evidence for their assertions? Do we have unreasonable “faith” in them? And what about our “faith” in accepting science when we aren’t experts? The Herd gives the word “faith” a hard examination. (0:00)

Hallelujah! It’s the Gospel of Reason Hour! Step into the tent, brothers and sisters in rationality, as we ponder the question – should we proselytize? What’s the difference between trying to convert someone to rational thinking and merely responding to people who vocalize their irrational beliefs? In our daily, non-blogging lives, should we always bother to respond to such people? (17:45)

How about on our blogs? What do we stand to gain from debates with Christians and other theists? Why do they seem to be in such need of converting us to Jesus (or whatever)? Are atheists falling further behind by not responding? Babs declares “Fuck it!” let’s have an atheist agenda. (30:00)

The result of the first AGP random sample, double-blind, peer-reviewed (by Evo) study concludes… well, you have to listen if you want the latest science on atheists and their pets! (47:00)

Each member of the Herd gets stranded on a desert island with one other person — who’s an adherent of a religion. But the atheist is allowed to choose the religion. Find out which forms of nonsense we godless castaways would be prepared to tolerate, and why. (48:30)

Opening Music [00:00]: excerpt from "Another Goddamned Draft"
Bridge Music [14:15]: excerpt from "Middle Earth"
Bridge Music [29:10]: excerpt from "Jesus Loves Me feat. Satan"
Bridge Music [45:40]: excerpt from "Crouching Christian, Hidden Atheist"
Closing Music [57:20]: excerpt from "As Jazzy As I Get"
(All music: copyright 2008 by Rachel Murie)

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Venjanz said...

Nice job, guys.

Ordinary Girl said...

Those technical difficulties that Ex mentioned. Yeah, those were mine. I was the idiot that forgot to hit record after the first break. :)

Anyway, I noticed today that the sound was dropping off the left channel on the first segment and I've fixed it. Everything should sound peachy now.

EnoNomi said...

Listened to the podcast last night, other than the left channel problems loved the show. It gets better and better.

Now I know as an Atheist it shouldn't bother me, but laying there in the dark and hearing the "Jesus Loves Me feat. Satan" creeps me out. Don't change it. I just think it's funny that I should have that reaction.

Here's my topic suggestion or question. Do you find yourself conflicted with watching and thereby in some way "sanctioning" certain TV shows? I like watching Medium and Eli Stone, because I know its all fiction. But the woo level is high and for a lot of people out there it only reinforces crap like Allison Dubois (who can only wish she could do what her fictional character can.)

Oh yeah, and with #3, did I really hear my name mentioned just before the Peeing sound? ack...that'll teach me to criticize the Exterminator.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

Yes. He peed slowly just for you, Enonomi. ;)

PhillyChief said...

I watch Medium, too. I listened to a podcast recently where some skeptic in Oz (I think) was VERY upset about that show. Whatever, it's a goof. If anything, The PhillyChief household actually finds the Allison character rather irrational and fucking annoying, and often pity Joe and any other character.

Btw, I still get freaked out by the Exorcist movie, well really the scene where the mom goes into her room, the door slams shut and the girl's head spins around. I know if that was me, I'd be thinking, "oh fuck".

The Exterminator said...

That is a GREAT topic. I argue with my wife all the time about her loving "Medium." Bu both of us refuse to watch "Eli Stone." On the other hand, I'm fond of "Pushing Daisies." So go figure.

Are you actually claiming that your head doesn't spin around?

John Evo said...

Eno - I hope you are right that it keeps getting better. Thanks for your support!

I think it's a great topic suggestion and one that we are almost certainly have some debate over. I will say no more....

John Evo said...

OG and Ex really Sucked it up and made this a great podcast!

Venjanz said...

Look... the best religious tract ever is Soul Storyby Jack Chick. No where else will you see Bad, Bad Leroy Brown dressed as a leprechaun/pimp/pilgrim being saved after a lifetime of prison, pimping, drug dealing, and murdering, by his grandmother in his final few breaths. Baddest man in the whole damn town my azz!


Venjanz said...

Sorry to double post, but this is what I was was looking for that I thought had been long deleted:


Babs said...

Oh sweet Jesus, Venjanz - that was great. Thank you so much for posting that. I needed a good laugh.

yinyang said...

I only have one thing to say: PhillyChief makes a nice addition to the Herd.

PhillyChief said...


Spanish Inquisitor said...

Just great. Now we have a cow in here with the rest of the horses. How'd he get in?