Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Goddamned Podcast #43:
January 15, 2009

THIS WEEK -"...so help me god!"

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(00:00) In keeping with the Inaugural festivities today, the Herd discusses the recent Complaint for an injunction to prevent the government from requiring president Obama to end his oath of office with words acknowledging the Christian god. Did the Plaintiffs have standing to complain? Is the Inauguration a government function?

(19:22) The Herd continues to discuss the ruling of the Court in the Newdow case, and the ramifications for the inaugural proceedings. SI analogizes the ceremony with that of a wedding. Does that analogy apply? You decide.

(34:45) SI reminds the Herd about, and they marvel at, the recently published report of the House Committee investigating the abuses of the Bush Administration. It's a long report. Philly then vents against Atheism's inability to develop a pleasing persona.

Musical Selections:
Opening Music [00:06]: excerpt from "Another Goddamned Draft"
Bridge Music [18:09]: excerpt from "Child of the 80s"
Bridge Music [33:37]: excerpt from "Crouching Christian Hidden Atheist"
Closing Music [54:30]: excerpt from "As Jazzy as I Get"
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Thorum said...

Hi kids, thanks for the latest AGP. 2 quick points about the inauguration:
1 -During his speech, Obama actually said "...we are a nation.....of non-believers." Is this a big deal or not? I was surprised to hear it.
2 - Then, reality hits as the inauguration turns into a church service. Yes, it really felt like a church service (and sounded like it). For a funny video clip, watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and he clips together moments of people saying God (http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/index.jhtml?episodeId=216546). Too funny. Lastly, I thought I'd throw in the uproar caused by 2 Muslims CAIR reps speaking at a Jr. High rally last year. Just food for thought. Best part is reading the comments!! http://blogs.chron.com/schoolzone/2008/05/islam_presentation_causes_stir_1.html

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Another sweet program guys.