Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Goddamned Podcast #40 November 20, 2008

THIS WEEK -The Herd Hijacks the Atheist Bus

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Ex is pissed off. So is Philly, but for a different reason. Find out what's got their dander up as the herd dissects the American Humanist Association's current bus ad. Is the campaign a stupid idea, a good idea poorly executed, or something else? After chewing on this issue for awhile, the herd considers whether Christmas is a Christian holiday or a secular one, and whether such a distinction matters. (00:00)

The herd introduces a new feature: Dear Chappy. SI and Chappy share some recently received emails and Chappy dispenses wise (or wise ass) words of counsel to desperate correspondents. Not surprisingly, other members of the herd add their advice too. There is plenty of wisdom to go around.

Stick around and find out the results from the last two polls. OG gathers the data and explains what it all means. (47:54)

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Thorum said...

Fucking great to hear Ex pissed off again!! Yay, Merry Christmas..........anyway, another brilliant show everyone. It seems for a few years now I have been struggling with the very issue of "Christmas". I put up a Christmas tree, put lights outside the house, sometimes even go to our local church in town (pop.500) to sing Christmas carols. Yeah, I know, I know. But anyway, I have always been an Atheist, and Ex put it so succintly by saying simply (in essence), "I just enjoy it. Not in a religious sense. I just like to eat, visit friends, etc." Frankly, this is how I wasn't looking at it. I actually looked at it from a guilty point of view. As if I was going against my beliefs. Can you believe that? Quite twisted....Anyhow, thanks for helping me clarify my own thoughts on things and yes the bus advert was really shitty.

PhillyChief said...

Let's take the holiday back! So what if we say "Merry Christmas"? What that means to each of us is far different from what it means to them.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Christmas lights and decorations, especially in December when streets are dark and dull. Even nativity scenes and religious decorations don't bother me as long as they're not on government property. I just get pissed off at self-righteous Christians telling everyone else how and why we should celebrate, and even what we're supposed to say.

Ironically, the christ-fascists are even telling stores how to advertise. WTF? Stores are at the heart of the secular/consumer culture that Christians allegedly oppose. If they oppose the commercialization of Christmas, then you'd think they would leave the commercial interests alone, not advise them on how to boost their sales among Christian consumers. I guess it's just more evidence that the rightwingers have an urge to control everything, even stuff in which it makes no sense for them to get involved.

Will said...

I think the point that everyone seemed to miss about the bus add is that Santa Clause is the perfect stand-in for God. When we were young we thought Santa was this magical guy who was always watching you and would reward you if you were good and punish you if you were bad (with a lump of coal or bundle of switches). Did belief in this magical guy actually affect your behavior throughout the rest of the year?...Didn't you outgrow the belief when you grew up and learned to view the world in a more rational way?...We'll, what's the difference? I however agree that the spokesman sounded like a winey little twat!

Anonymous said...


I think Ex said - if not on the podcast, then during one of our interlude discussions (the ones we have while people grab more beer and munchies) - something about Santa Claus being "training wheels for Jesus." We probably could have given that idea more attention.

PhillyChief said...

Santa is also training wheels for skepticism. Either you're like I was and you plague your parents with questions like "how's he going to get me my bike if we don't have a chimney" or "why is it wrapped in the same paper you wrapped Aunt July's gift in" or you have a rude awakening some day on the playground when someone clues you in to the gag.

Ordinary Girl said...

My parents never told me about Santa Claus and I never believed in him. My mom, newly born-again, thought it would be lying. Too bad that didn't apply to religion.

Too this day I still find Santa Claus a strange idea. Do kids really believe it? Did I miss out on something important?

I'm still struggling with how I'm going to handle Santa with my own kids (if I ever have kids) and I think I'll let them believe it if they want, but I won't encourage them to believe it. I'll encourage them to question and figure it out for themselves. I have no idea if that's the best thing or not, but it sounds good to this non-parent.